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Small Events

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    Events in Mandarin

    Looking for a quality venue for unforgettable events? You've come to the right place! Welcome to Mandarin, a boutique hall for conferences and events, suitable for around 30 to 300 guests. The boutique hall space is 550 square meters and is very flexible in design for the type of event and guests. In order to provide you with everything you've planned for the event, our professional and experienced staff will accompany you through the planning of the event until ends. Here at mandarin, quality food stands at high priority, we offer special chef dishes, including vegan, vegetarian, dairy and meat kosher menus. In addition to our dining menus, we also offer a cocktails menu; the bar in the events hall is rich and diverse to fit any type of event to your request. Free parking is available for your convenience.

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    Weddings and Family Events

    Boutique Wedding

    Many couples love relatively small weddings, these wedding have a special and intimate atmosphere and it's important for us in Mandarin to focus on the small details so you will get the wedding that you dreamed of.


    Henna events are special events in which our events hall wears a unique decor tailored to the concept and customs of the host family. You can decorate and design the hall in perfect décor with the help of our designer's team, they will do anything possible to give you the authentic and most unique experience you have always wanted. These events include classic and luxurious costumes for the event guests and the of course the groom and bride! In addition, for henna events we have a special chef's menu with traditional sweets and treats.


    The ideal venue for a luxurious birthday party, our spacey boutique venue fits every party concept, whether it's a birthday to a grandfather or to one of the children, the size of the hall allows the ability to remodel in a unique way base on the occasion. At Mandarin we offer special birthdays menus, our rich and kosher menus suit any type of party and it is sure to make it prestigious and memorable.

    Bar / Bat Mitzvah

    Celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a very exciting event, at Mandarin it is very important for our staff to provide a fun and memorable event for the bar/bat mitzvah groom/bride. For your selection we offer kosher, rich and varied chef menus for adults as well as a special menu for the children.

    Baby Shower Party

    Baby shower parties and circumcision events are usually celebrated among friends and close family. In Mandarin e will make sure every detail is in place to make the event even more special, table decoration, balloons, flowers and our great chef menus. Mandarin's staff is experienced in producing these events and always strives to make your celebration exciting and perfect.

    Hall Rental for Business Events

    The interior space in Mandarin gives the flexibility in design and fits any purpose, thanks to our events hall design you can also hold business events! Conducting a conference or a business event is suitable for corporate events, seminars, exhibitions, product launches, conferences, consolidation days and more. Outside the hall the parking lot is for the events guests. Of course, our halls are provided with advanced multimedia systems and the devices needed to hold such events.

    Meet the Expert

    CEO of Mandarain Events

    Lior Babajani, 35, is a partner and CEO of Mandarin Events for the past 6 years. Among other things, he has been conducting leading events in Tel Aviv for 15 years, having rich knowledge and experience in this field, leading ideas and innovations for successful modern events. Lior believes that the success of any event is a combination of good food, warm service and of course clean and aesthetic venue.


    I'll be glad to accompany you and plan your next event, every event is important to us and we put our focus on the little details so that you can have a most exciting and perfect event that will be remembered for a long time


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